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Welcome to our website. You can find out more about our Upcoming events and concerts here, read about out personal bios, and hear samples of our music.


To order our CDs or other products please email us at and let us know what you would like, or you can send a request via US mail and we will send out your products in a timely manner. Thank you for supporting our ministry.


Currently we have 4 CDs Available for immediate shipment:


- Take Me To The Captain:

-I Want To Go:

-I'm Redeemed:

-Christmas With Sonrise:







1. Take Me To The Captain

2. Where Are You Going?

3. Pass Me Not

4. Standing High On The Mountain

5. My God Will Provide

6. Little Becka

7. Make Me A Row

8. Where Could I Go?

9. Surely I Will

10. Ten Feet Tall

11. Don't Go Out And Play           

12. Thank you Lord

Take Me To The Captain

I Want To Go

1. I Want To Go

2. Little Talk        

3. Jesus Stands Before Me

4. Jesse      

5. Jackson's Midnight Ride

6. Build On The Rock

7. Little Black Train

8. Mary's Boy

9. Jonah

10. John The Writter

11. You Were There

12. Thirst No More

I'm Redeemed (New CD)

1. I'm Redeemed

2. He Broke Me Down

3. Crying Holy Unto The Lord

4. Mountain Railroad

5. Moving Stones

6. You Don't Have To Move That Mountain

7. Are You Washed In The Blood

8. Miss Penny's Curfew

9. The Lowest Valley

10. Dividing Line

11. I Am The Man Thomas

12. Closer To Jesus