About Us

     The sound of gospel bluegrass music, coupled with three-part harmony, accompanied with acapella quartet selections, epitomizes the sound of Sonrise.


     Based in Fredericksburg, Va., Sonrise follows God's calling to spread His gospel wherever God leads. Their performances are fill with heart-felt testimony, and their witness, either through instrumentals, or softer three-part harmony vocals.


     Although Sonrise loves to perform some of the older traditional gospel songs, most of their material is original, coming from deep within their hearts. They have traveled a long road, always trusting in their Lord and Saviour to keep them in His will.


     They enjoy each other's company and fellowship as much as they enjoy performing and offering testimony on stage. The group's sole objective is to be used by Christ as an avenue to win souls to the Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. An evening with Sonrise will entertain you, make you laugh and cause you to weep with joy, but more then anything, challenge you to either become a child of God, or desire to walk closer to Him.

Larry Jett - Banjo, Guitar 


Victor Jordan - Guitar, Dobro

Ralph Sellers - Mandolin, Guitar


Frank Haynes - Sound tech, Bus driver